The FlexJobs Research Team

Our fantastic team of over 50 job research experts ensures that you see only the highest quality remote and flexible jobs from legitimate, professional companies.

We really care about giving you the cleanest, highest quality,
and best database of remote and flexible jobs.

We screen and vet every single job, so you don’t have to.

Jobs must meet FlexJobs’ high standards in order to be posted. Our researchers first review to make sure they have remote or flexible work options. Then they evaluate the job title, location, and career field to make sure it’s a job matching our job seekers’ interests.

200 Hours a Day Our Researchers Spend Finding Top Quality Jobs

You get a faster, safer, and better job search.

We also research each company to guarantee that it’s legitimate and professional so that it’s one less thing for you to worry about. With multiple layers of both human and AI-assisted testing, our database is completely free of ads, scams, commission-only, and MLMs.

Multiple Layers of Vetting

Our remote expertise runs deep.

FlexJobs has been a dedicated remote and flexible company since we began back in 2007. We understand what our job seekers want because each of us wanted the same when we were looking: good job opportunities that offer flexibility, so you can both pay your bills and live life to the fullest.

Our goal is to get you there. A bit about us:

Years Worked Remotely

Adrian R Erika M Julia N Lauren P Louise P Melissa M

10+ Years

Jodi S Julie B Kim G Lynn K Megan P Sarah C

5-9 Years

Kevin F Travis W Jane S

1-4 Years

Years of Experience on the Jobs Team

Adrian R Julia N Louise P

10+ Years

Erika M Jodi S Julie B Kim G Megan P

5-9 Years

Kevin F Lauren P Lynn K Melissa M Sarah C Travis W Jane S

1-4 Years

Most Important Item in Home Office

Julie B Louise P Lynn K Melissa M Travis W

My Window

Adrian R Erika M Jodi S Megan P

Dual Monitors

The Perfect Desk

Julia N Kevin F Kim G Lauren P Sarah C Jane S

The Most Comfortable Chair

Non-Human Coworkers

Adrian R Erika M Jodi S Julie B Kim G Lauren P Louise P Melissa M Sarah C Travis W Jane S


Julia N Megan P


Bird, Reptile, or Fish

Kevin F Lynn K

A Plant

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