Woman Balances Caregiving, Disability Thanks to Remote Job

We often hear from FlexJobs members who explain how remote work positively impacted their lives. Sometimes, it’s caregivers who are able to keep their careers while caring for their families. Other times, we hear from members with disabilities who can keep working thanks to remote work.

But what happens when you have a disability and you’re the primary caregiver for a family member?

Deana D. has a disability that requires specific accommodations, and she’s the primary caregiver for her mother. But thanks to the 100% remote job she found through FlexJobs, Deana can care for herself, her mother, and stay in her chosen career field.

A Necessary Alternative

“My disability made commuting difficult,” Deana explains. “It requires that I sit in a reclined position. This was something difficult to accommodate in my old job. In addition, my mother has Alzheimer’s and cannot be left alone. I needed to be with her during the day. For these reasons, I felt that getting a fully remote job was the best alternative for me.”

In her pursuit of remote work, Deana connected with a career coach who recommended FlexJobs. Deana took her coach’s advice, joined up, and started her search for a remote job.

Available Without Anxiety

One of the things Deana loves about FlexJobs is the number of genuinely remote jobs listed in the database. “So many of the other job sites do not filter correctly for remote jobs,” Deana says. “FlexJobs is amazing and will help you find the job that is perfect for you in no time.”

And that’s exactly what happened for Deana. She is now working 100% remotely as a part-time faculty assistant at Penn State University, and she is delighted that she is still able to work in academia.

What’s more, not only can Deana assist her mother, she’s also able to manage her physical and mental health while maintaining her career. “Being available for my family when they need me is very important. Also, being able to rest when I need to reduces my anxiety and improves my overall health.”

Change Your Life

Deana says working remotely has changed everything. “Having a remote job is life-changing! I can be at home with my mother and work from my recliner. I no longer have to worry about the pain that I had from commuting. And as an added bonus, my hours are more flexible, so I can work when I am feeling OK and can rest when I need to.”

If you’re ready to connect with a job that could change your life, join FlexJobs today. You’ll get instant access to our database of legitimate remote, hybrid, and flexible jobs, exclusive member discounts, and so much more. Take the tour and learn more!

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