Military Spouse Joins FlexJobs and Finds Career Flexibility with Work-from-Anywhere Job

The fantastic career flexibility that comes with a job you can do from anywhere can be a godsend, particularly if you’re a military spouse. Our FlexJobs success stories often focus on people with spouses in the military who’ve been able to sustain great careers thanks to work-from-anywhere jobs.

This week’s FlexJobs success story shines a spotlight on one such military spouse. Her name is Danielle V., and she’s taking full of advantage of a work-from-anywhere job she landed after joining FlexJobs. Danielle found a great full-time, remote job as a training specialist for InVision, a fully distributed company whose collaborative digital design platform is used by designers, marketers, managers, and others around the world.

A Remote Job With No Location Requirement

Though she’s based in California, Danielle’s goal was to find a remote job that didn’t require her to be in a specific geographic area. “I wanted to find a more flexible job because my husband is in the air force,” she said. “With the unpredictable nature of his job, I wanted something of my own that I could do that wasn’t tied to a specific location.”

Danielle’s fully remote job in education & training provides fantastic career flexibility and stability because her job moves with her, no matter where her husband’s career may take them. And that’s the beauty of working from anywhere for military spouses—the peace of mind that comes with knowing your career won’t be interrupted with a change in deployment or mission requirements.

Remote Work—A Better Fit for Military Spouses

Danielle self-identified as a millennial in her responses to questions from FlexJobs about her job search success. She’s happy with the new perspective on her career prospects as a military spouse that’s come with her new remote position. “This job makes my life better,” she wrote, “because it actually provides me with the opportunity to work in a professional environment, there is room for me to grow with the company, and I am doing work that actually matters.”

Like other women and men whose spouses are active duty military, Danielle has a new awareness of military-friendly employers and military spouse jobs. “I wasn’t aware that there were some companies that are 100% remote (like mine),” she wrote. “Now I know that there are many other opportunities I can take advantage of in the future that fit my needs better than a traditional position.”

Tips and Insights for Other Job Seekers

“I started my search by looking at the specific [job] category I was interested in and that also aligned with my experience,” Danielle wrote. “I filtered through the available positions in that category to find 100% remote jobs and selected companies to apply to. I also set up an email alert for my search criteria so that I would be alerted as soon as new positions were added. I wanted to be able to apply to positions as soon as they were posted in order to increase my chances of being seen.”

Danielle also avoided taking a cookie-cutter approach. “I tailored my resume for each position I applied to. This tactic helped me receive a call back from each company I applied to and ultimately led to me accepting a job offer from my company.”

Impact Your Life for the Better With Flexible Work

Danielle offered an apt analogy for people debating the benefits of joining FlexJobs. “Don’t be afraid of the price! For the price of a cheap lunch, you could potentially change your life and change careers,” she wrote.

“FlexJobs makes it possible to avoid many of the work-from-home scams that are around and it makes it easy to find companies that have opportunities to fit your needs,” Danielle added. “I would have never known that my company even existed if I hadn’t invested in a FlexJobs membership.”

Find Your Better

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